Affirmations and Poetry

8 Lessons

Affirmations Change Lives

This Affirmation and Poetry course can be used for families with children, work families, friend families, and individuals. Let the curriculum speak to your circumstances in your life right now. Share it with people you think would benefit from the practice.

The mind runs thousands of thoughts per day. The majority of those are repeating thoughts and have become your record. How many of your thoughts support you reaching your goals and aspirations? Consider how many of your child’s thoughts are in support of them reaching their goals and aspirations? By practicing positive affirmations, you empower yourself and your child to put on a new record. A record that you create.

You are at an opportune moment to learn the Affirmation practice and gift this practice to your family/friends. The Affirmation practice can be used as a technique to keep your mind focused on the best parts of you and the people you love.


There is no better time to start than right now! If not you, who? If not now, when? Lead the way for your family to be filled with SELF-LOVE and ensure that your children will live into the best parts of themselves. Commit to the affirmation practice daily.

Live into your affirmation and openly demonstrate what that looks like for your child, family, co-workers, or friends. They will follow in your footsteps.

Doing something daily makes it a habit. Create for yourself a prompt, for example: Every time you see your favorite color, or look at the time, stop and look at your affirmation. Have your child do the same. It helps if you keep your Affirmation cards on your desk, and if your child keeps them somewhere like their backpack.  Do this together and while you are apart.

Using the Affirmation practice daily is key to shifting negative thought patterns into positive ones. “I’m not good enough” becomes “I love myself. 

“No one likes me” becomes “I am attracting quality friends.” 

“I’m stupid” becomes “I am open to learning.” 

Notice how the negative statement feels, and how the positive affirmation feels – very different. The negative statement feels closed, sad, shut down, and the positive statement/affirmation feels open, exciting, and interesting.

Affirmations set the tone to achieving desired outcomes in life. To live a life with intent is to live the life we want. We either live life or life will live us.

Affirmations Change Lives

Ways to Use Affirmations:

Here are some fun additional ways you can use the Affirmation Cards and Poetry in your practice:

  1. Place all 30 cards face down, or face up and pick the ones you are most attracted to (I tend to put them face down so I can’t see them and ask that I receive the order that is in service to my highest good. Take a couple deep breaths and set the intension to pick the 12 most helpful affirmations to bring you closer to who you want to be. Put them in a stack and reveal the cards. Each one will be used for a month. Congratulations, you now have an annual affirmation practice. 
    • Use the affirmation for the month and allow it to bring the most positive memories of when you have experienced what the affirmation is calling forward. 
    • For example: If you are using the affirmation, ‘I am courageous,’ ask yourself the following questions: What does courage mean to me? What is the actual definition? When have I felt courageous in my life? Remember details of those situations. Allow yourself to feel the strength, stability, and goodness of courage. Breathe in that feeling and recognize it inside yourself so when you want or need to step into courage you can. When have I witnessed courageous acts by other people and how did that make me feel? Smile, enjoy, breathe easy, and be inspired.
    • If you have a difficult time thinking of courageous moments in your life or other peoples, seek out a movie to watch that demonstrates this quality and allows your imagination to see yourself express courageous acts that motivate you to live into this quality. 
    • The way one feels is a direct response to how one thinks. Give your monkey mind an affirmation and allow it to jump from positive thought to positive thought. Remember, to focus on the best parts of yourself, the people in your life, your past, and your future. To be the person you like most takes practice in positive thinking. Why not win in your own fantasies?
  2. Pick an affirmation from the list provided below, or use the  Affirmation Cards (the Affirmation Cards also come with inspiring spoken word videos that deepen the understanding of the affirmation), write your own, or find an affirmation you like elsewhere.
    • I am loving. 
    • I am listening to my heart. 
    • I am safe. 
    • I have lots of friends who love me. 
    • My dreams are coming true. 
    • I am helpful. 
    • I am friendly. 
    • Every problem has an answer. 
    • I am kind. 
    • I can do it. 
    • I play well with others. 
    • I am smart. 
    • I learn from my mistakes. 
    • I act responsibly. 
    • I am calm. 
    • Every day brings new opportunities. 
    • I am accepting and loving myself. 
    • I am relaxed. 
    • I believe in myself. 
    • I am brave. 
    • I trust myself. 
    • I am generous.
  3. State your chosen affirmations from a place of positivity and always use the present tense. For example, instead of; I want to focus better so I can get a promotion / good grades. Try: I am focusing my mind on what I am learning, and I am always curious to understand more.
  4. Share affirmations among family members, friends, or co-workers.
  5. Put your affirmation in a place you can see and read it.
  6. Note positive and challenging feelings that surface surrounding your journey in using the affirmation. Share your feelings with a family member or someone you care about. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  7. Remain accountable to yourself and others.

Marieke Van Woerkom Senior trainer, coach, and curriculum writer for Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility states,

“Affirmations are a powerful antidote to prevalent negative messaging. They work best when you use the present tense, highlight the positive, and repeat them multiple times a day. For instance, you might confidently tell yourself “I am enough,” “I am worthy,” or “I am powerful” first thing in the morning and before going to bed. Then reinforce your affirmations with physical touch, like tapping the back of your hand.”

Researchers continue to explore the effects of positive thinking and optimism on health. Health benefits that positive thinking may provide include:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Positive Conversation Starters

Start your meals off with positive conversation starters as you try the ideas listed below.

  • Place the cards face down and spread them out. Each person takes a moment to wave their hand over the cards and pick the one they are drawn to. Look at the card and write on the back why you like the affirmation and how you can, or are, implementing the concept into your life. Remember this is about positivity and seeing the best in yourself. Go around the table and take turns sharing your cards. Have people chime in and reveal why the card reminds them of the sharer. When a person’s turn is over, everyone claps and cheers. This is so fun and leads to great conversations. Everyone gets to keep their card; it is your gift to them! Encourage them to place the card where they can see it every day and live into the affirmation.
  • Other options: 
    • Have a card pre-placed face down on each place setting.
    • Have the cards face up and everyone picks the one that reminds them of themselves.
    • Continue the process described above.
  • Some of the cards have lessons to deepen understanding and spawn new thinking surrounding the affirmations.
  • Some also have poems that were written to inspire people.
    • When someone picks an affirmation card accompanying a poem, they win a spoken word experience (play the spoken word video, have them read the poem outload, or you recite the poem to them)! Recognize that card as a lucky winner and have everyone clap as if they won the lottery. Make it fun!
    • You can also print out the poetry that goes with the card and have someone recite the spoken word to the lucky person who chose that affirmation card.

Life is about creating special moments with the people in our lives. Give the gift that keeps on giving: Elevate Affirmation & Intention Cards, making memories for a lifetime.

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