10 Lessons

Arise is a course used to increase social and emotional intelligence amongst all caregivers and youth around the world. Social and emotional intelligence is the ability to identify feelings, regulate emotions, and express them in a pro-social manner. The foundation of the course curriculum is built on powerful skills that are to be used by everyone in participating in the course. These skills include step-by-step processes that positively enhance each participant’s connection with Self and all those around them. After each lesson, there is an action step given to deepen relationship building through authentic, heart-centered engagement.

“This week has been going very well with my students. They are so excited about the Prizing cards, and everyone wants to be the one to deliver the messages.

My most impactful moment happened today when one of my students had written on the back of her Prizing card and gave it to me! The things she said were so thoughtful, and it was even more special because I had never mentioned anything about them writing on the cards – I just said it was theirs to keep. It just goes to show how much influence Modeling the Way can have.

Looking forward to next week. We defined Patient and Irritated emotions, and throughout the week, we touched on all of the other aspects. They are getting more comfortable with the Breathing and Stretching routines as well. This week has really helped me mentally and spiritually too. I feel better being at work, and everyone who I’ve Prized has had a follow-up conversation with me. It is nice to feel more connected.”

Akasha Dykes – Teacher, Fairfax Junior High