Elevate Uplifters – Guided Visualization Album


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Uplifters clear the mind of negative thoughts and nurture visualizations of positive outcomes in life that uplift the heart.


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Uplifters are guided visualizations specifically designed to take you through each of the seven main chakras (energy) centers and help create alignment within yourself. Each guided visualization is followed by the instrumental track giving the listener the opportunity to dive deeper into the beauty of their imagination. The instrumental songs are electronic-based and infused with light natural sounds for an active yet soothing journey into your own private vision. Each scripted journey and song is made with the intention to bring clarity and peace to your life. The album has 18 tracks!

Guided visualization by: Elevate Founder: Sami Rose Reed
Music by: Marie Levek
Produced by: Walter Werzowa


  1. Introduction: Uplifter description
  2. Introduction Instrumental
  3. Gratitude: Mind, center of consciousness, highest potential, intuitive knowing, integration of the whole, understanding the bigger picture, trusting, inspiration, oneness, peace, unity, energy centering
  4. Gratitude Instrumental
  5. Surrender: Awareness, knowledge, wisdom, energy centering
  6. Surrender Instrumental
  7. Truth: Communication to yourself and the world around you, truth, energy centering
  8. Truth Instrumental
  9. Heart: unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, energy centering
  10. Heart Instrumental
  11. Will Power: gut reaction, motivation, fiery energy, digestive system, energy centering
  12. Will Power Instrumental
  13. Happiness: below navel, go with the flow, change, constant movement, energy centering
  14. Happiness Instrumental
  15. Stability: Stability, groundedness, strength, energy centering
  16. Stability Instrumental
  17. Choice: Bliss, wisdom, truth, love, willpower, flow, groundedness, energy centering
  18. Choice Instrumental


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